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Image by Henry & Co.
Blaque & Her Misson

Before the creation of the alter-ego Dia Blaque there was Daisha.  The passion for creating was always in her but she really began in the fifth grade on up.  The desire to explore entrepreneurship blossomed when she was 11 years old.  She began drafting business ideas, some of which are the foundation of Dia Blaque Studios LLC today. 

Once Daisha reached high school, she explored different mediums such as watercolors, oil paint, wire, acrylics, and more. Her appreciation of the art deepened. In her senior year, she created her first painting and hasn't stopped since. Although her work lacked much knowledge and skill, she still participated in the annual art show that year. She took a break from creating for almost a year while focusing on her college studies but that did not last long. After completing her freshman year, she moved back home realizing that school wasn't what she longed to do. She instead focused her time and energy on perfect her craft and begin to educate herself in business. She would spend days at a time thumbing through books, articles, and other resources.

In the year 2019, the birth of Dia J. happened when presented with the opportunity to display her work at a local gallery and broadcast it on the local news.  Dia and her work were far from ready but she did it anyhow. Dia reflected upon the interview and came to the conclusion this was indeed her passion. She wanted to launch a business with art as the base. By 2020, Dia J became Dia Blaque, the Blaque logo was created and Dia Blaque Studios LLC was launched.

"I only wish to do and be great. I'm extremely proud of my growth, but there is still a long road to travel.

It's only up from here! Carpe Diem!" 

-Dia Blaque

The Mission

Through the usage of creativity I hope to change the depiction of my people and how we are portrayed in society.

Special Shoutouts

SupaFly Ree

“Music is my form of Expression. All of my music comes from the heart and is inspired by things I’ve encountered in life. I want to be the voice to the people that deal with everyday struggles alone, to ensure them that Better Days will come. CFE The Team”

Brandy W.

BE YOU, BE BOLD, BE BEAUTIFUL” I Am Crowned Cosmetics is one of a kind. It gives Queen vibes, sassy personality, every product sold allows you to be bold and just be you. IAC was created off the strength of wanting to make every woman feel great about themselves. I love making people feel good about themselves, especially women. Women express themselves in many different ways, one of them happens to be through makeup. Always remember to be you, let your boldness flourish, and allow yourself to believe you’re beautiful. Be on the lookout for more opportunities through I Am Crowned Cosmetics #CROWNHOLDERS ​​

Cal S.

( An individual with a large amount of money or assets; wealthy) What is Bohaty?... “Most people have value you can’t see. Most people have value you can see. A lot of assets, in the end equal value. This type of value we speak of is everything. This type of value makes things do what they do This type of value birth a empire. This type of value gives us are name. Without value there is no meaning........ without meaning there is no purpose..... Without bohaty, it’s just clothes........” Can You Get Bohaty?


Please show me some love and follow my twitter ill be letting you guys know when I go live so don't miss it I stream everyday just so you know, and please give me a follow it would mean a lot thanks.





My ancestors 

Thank you all for your sacrifices and struggles you endured to pave the path I walked today. I hope I make you all proud.

I will not drop the torch!



Although I can never truly repay you, thank you both for the gift of life, your sacrifices, time, love, and support. I would not be the woman I am today without you.

I am a proud, confident, and outspoken woman because of you!

Better day are coming!



Ever so thankful for each of you. You all bring me unexplainable joy. You all keep my spirits high and motivate me to do better. I would not trade you unique characters for anything in the world. My angels in disguise.

We got this!


dR. m.l.k
African-American IMMersion

I appreciate the hard work. My home away from home. Thank you for all that you instilled in me. You all enhanced my life in such an unfathomable manner.

I'm eternally grateful!

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